Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Made a really cool t-shirt yesterday...Kinda a bit crazy about fox their shape...the fact that they eat out of bin...they are pretty rock'n'roll!!! Anyway, though I draw one, saw it on a old top, and make holes in his eyes..

Did a bit of buying down south this morning (6.30am), got a nice burberrys coat, lovely liberty brogues (size 8), nice pimp shoes (can't get enough of them..), few bags (one scottish 1960's green leather), sequins top, Also went to Wimbledon car boot sale with Trevor and Marguerite, treated myself to an old 1920's lace scarf/cape (white with a bit of black velvet)..looks great with t-shirt or cute dresses, will definitely wear it a lot!!

Also got about 5 pairs of old granny/geeky 70's-80's prescription glasses, which at £12 a pair is a to so uncool specsaver!!!

Anyway, got a bit of cleaning to do now with all my vintage found..but I think this weekend, you are in for a treat!!!

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