Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Sew on patches

I have a thing about "sew on patches" today. I had a check on ebay and you can find some pretty cool one for dead cheap :-)

I have ordered few and Im gonna sew them on my damaged leather gear and also Im gonna put them on denim jacket, denim shirt, and on the back pocket of denim short/trousers/skirts..

Few on those patches stand out better. Like: American flag, 2 guns, eagle, horses, tiger, cats, cool band like New York Dolls or Blondie...

I mean...lets do it..Let's go patches crazy!!! I dare you :-)

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Best sunglasses around!

Summer is coming...More sun and in desperate need of a uber cool pair of shade!!! I personally buy mine at the vintage pop-up market to a stall call Frockstar. They are so cool that I am bloody addict to them and I buy a pair every week!!!

I think the best one at the moment are the tortoise frame (a la Johnny Depp!).

Anyway, the sunglasses are all vintage (mostly designer..oh yeeeesssss) and considering the fact that you can't find them anywhere else, they are dead cheap (£15-£20)...

Also if you need nerdy glasses frame to put a prescription in..Don't waste your precious cash at specsaver..Go to Frockstar and get a beauty from the 70's!!!!

Big kiss to Linzi and Elsa ;-)

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Too rainy for me!

This weekend was too grey and rainy for me. Anyway, I was at the pop-up market during 3 days.. On the first day, friday, I realised that I lost my little suitcase filled with all my handmade head pieces and jewellery! I was in such a state..I fell physically sick just thinking about it..But lucky me, someone found the suitcase and brought it back to the market office :-)))
It made me realise how important it is for me to make things, so this week that's just what Im going to do!

Today, I found a really cool pair of shoes (UK 5.5) from the 80's with floral pattern all over it, they will look great with a nice playsuit. I will bring them on saturday at the clock Tower market in Greenwich next to the cinema.

Also, Im thinking of customising few Levis jacket...As they are a bit boring and they look so similar on everybody...let's make them more unique!!

Anyway, this week I will be trading in Greenwich on saturday at the flee market, then I will be at the pop-up market on sunday, so come along :-)

I will do some pictures of my latest found tomorrow, so keep in touch!