Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Too rainy for me!

This weekend was too grey and rainy for me. Anyway, I was at the pop-up market during 3 days.. On the first day, friday, I realised that I lost my little suitcase filled with all my handmade head pieces and jewellery! I was in such a state..I fell physically sick just thinking about it..But lucky me, someone found the suitcase and brought it back to the market office :-)))
It made me realise how important it is for me to make things, so this week that's just what Im going to do!

Today, I found a really cool pair of shoes (UK 5.5) from the 80's with floral pattern all over it, they will look great with a nice playsuit. I will bring them on saturday at the clock Tower market in Greenwich next to the cinema.

Also, Im thinking of customising few Levis jacket...As they are a bit boring and they look so similar on everybody...let's make them more unique!!

Anyway, this week I will be trading in Greenwich on saturday at the flee market, then I will be at the pop-up market on sunday, so come along :-)

I will do some pictures of my latest found tomorrow, so keep in touch!

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