Monday, 21 June 2010

no footie 4 me!!!!

Since the world cup has been on my money has gone down.. dramatically!!!!
Nobody, comes down at the market to spend their money at the weekend..they obviously are on front of the T.V or at the pub watching the football matches..and because the situation is more than depressing...I also end up spending money out of boredom on booze and clothes..tragic!!!
Anyway, I can't wait for all this football craze to stop...but then it will be sunny..nobody again is gonna be the seaside is much more appealing than a basement down Brick Lane...Damn it! I have to face up to reality..and start planning for a very cheap holiday..I was thinking Greece but realistically, I can't afford it..So a trip with the car down the South of France will just do..also I heard there is loads of car boots sale in France..which is very tempting for a treasure hunter like me :-)

Sunday, 6 June 2010

From one weekend to an other!

This weekend has been pretty hard work...Very early mornings, lots of buying but unfortunately not much buying from my lovely customers :-((( Sometimes, like all of us people just don't have the cash...

Anyway, next weekend will be amazing, cause I have gathered some pretty special pieces..I'm talking immaculate eye catching 50's dresses, lovely 40's shoes, few more Levis jacket (S-M), few boater hats (Dunn&Co...:Hello!!!).
So yes, quite a lot of great stuff!!!

Let's get back to this weekend, I was trading at the Vibe bar, which is quite tucked away..Most people are half pissed and they suddenly seem to forget which sizes they are or should I say, they suddenly believe in their ultimate the girl who is obviously a size 16 and try to squeeze into a size 10..EMBARRASSING but after few glasses of wine, quite normal!!
So business wasn't flowing like it should have been for a Sunday and yes it was rubbish, so won't be trading there again!

But I will be back to the downstairs of the Upmarket on Friday, which mean instead of going up the stairs and making your legs exhausted before you reach us, you will just have to gently stroll down and reach The vintage heaven (still full of energy :-)))

So see you on Friday :-)