Tuesday, 27 April 2010

First blog :-)


This week I will be trading in Brick Lane from friday to sunday. My stall is located just before 1001 cafe, on top of the stairs. This market is called "vintage pop-up market", it is on top on the famous Upmarket. Lots of vintage traders, selling A grade vintage at really good prices. The atmosphere in that market is great, full of creative traders and all very down to earth..I just love going there and work, it's fun. We generally make money, because what we sell is good but sometimes, times are hard and the public don't feel like spending..so we open a bottle of wine, we put the music louder and we party :-)

Anyway, this week I feel like doing a £5 rail, because the friday crowd is always after a little bargain!
Also I will be bringing my handmade head pieces, made out of vintage ties (£15 each), I will try to upload some pictures, but they have a strong 20's-30's look but still remain casual. In fact, the balance between the pretty nots and the masculine fabric of the tie
make it easy to wear it day or night without looking OTT.

On sunday morning I will go and do some buying, so I should bring lots of new goodies..especially men's brogues, nice leather bags and more...

Also on sunday, I will be working with Marguerite. She will have a stall at the Vibe bar on Brick Lane. She will be selling lovely vintage pieces.

I will cut out some nice high-waisted leather trousers and make them into shorts. They will look great with over the knee socks and a cool pair of DM or lace-up granny boots.
So come and grab a pair :-)

Tip of the week : If you don't like shoulder pads, don't put them in the bin: shove them in your bra!!!

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