Monday, 21 June 2010

no footie 4 me!!!!

Since the world cup has been on my money has gone down.. dramatically!!!!
Nobody, comes down at the market to spend their money at the weekend..they obviously are on front of the T.V or at the pub watching the football matches..and because the situation is more than depressing...I also end up spending money out of boredom on booze and clothes..tragic!!!
Anyway, I can't wait for all this football craze to stop...but then it will be sunny..nobody again is gonna be the seaside is much more appealing than a basement down Brick Lane...Damn it! I have to face up to reality..and start planning for a very cheap holiday..I was thinking Greece but realistically, I can't afford it..So a trip with the car down the South of France will just do..also I heard there is loads of car boots sale in France..which is very tempting for a treasure hunter like me :-)

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